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Kazuo Shinohara has been in practice since 1954, and is arguably the most influential architect of his generation among Japanese architects nowadays. His architecture has attracted attention since the beginning and has gone through different periods. Starting with a reflection on the traditional qualities of Japanese architecture, he has since payed attention to the abstract qualities of human mind and modern city, developing his projects accordingly. His observations about the chaotic qualities of Tokyo opened new ways of understanding the city. The last works produced in his Atelier since the mid 80's, deserve an attention that is not a look into the past but a glance of the future.
The questions that WAM wants to bring to these pages are the following: is Japanese current architecture and by extension/influence, the rest of contemporary architecture going to shift from materiality towards immateriality? To what extent have Shinohara's works and ideas influenced this situation? And finally, are the very last works by Shinohara up to the challenges that architecture has to face nowadays?

Born in Shizuoka (Japan), 1925
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokodai), 1953
Professor of Architecture in Tokodai, 1970-1986
Shinohara Atelier, 1986-present.
Recent publications of his work include Kazuo Shinohara, Berlin: Ernst & Sohn, 1994; Centennial Hall, by David Stewart, Stuttgart: A. Menges, 1995; and a volume containing his complete works, including sketches and unbuilt projects, to be published in Tokyo in mid-July 1996.

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De/From: Tatsuo IWAOKA (
Tema/Topic: for Enric Massip
Fecha/Date: 10-Jul-96 7:46

It is a nice home page just I read in Japan.But in Japan, normally we can not read some letters of Spanish.English letters are OK.We are now making our lab. home page.I inform you when it will be done.

De/From: Perry Cortell (pcortell@suba.com)
Tema/Topic: Congratulations
Fecha/Date: 1-Ago-96 3:40

Great to see an intellectual and international forum for architecture on the WW Web. Printed journals are by nature national in scope and opinion but the internet begs fora more international scope. I'm hoping you can get several perspectives on an idea or topic that cross such boundaries. Architecture is currently transcending all known national and economic boundaries then so should its journals.

De/From: Justino (Jahtaro@msn.com)
Tema/Topic: article on Japan
Fecha/Date: 3-Ago-96 5:0

Nice Jump from Japan to Austria(&solid architecture?)